Find a Social Challenge affecting
girls and women.
Gain Social Impact Photography skills.
Create a Social Enterprise to address issues affecting women.

About the Fellowship

There is cultural marginalization of women in East Africa. Most of the social injustices towards women such as rape, female genital mutilation, hard labor, denial to education and early marriage are tied to cultural beliefs and norms. With limited avenues that address these social injustices, and the low self-esteem many women have, they remain silent as these injustices happen to them and their daughters. They are not empowered to voice what they go through since they are in a male chauvinistic society that suppresses women from standing for what they believe.

Design for Charity through “Her Voice Fellowship” seeks to empower young women aged 18 – 30 years with photography skills so that they can express themselves and voice the many social injustices in their communities with the photos they take, while engaging local leaders to find real solutions to these injustices.


Her-Voice Fellowship – Empowering Women through Photography

Are you a young woman desiring to create change in your community and want to make a difference across East Africa? Are you passionate about addressing social issues affecting women and girls in your community?


Single Mother - Chapatti Business

Featured Story

Zubedah Nabagumya is a mid 50 single mother who lives with her 11 year old half orphaned grand daughter. Zubedah, runs a small scale Chapatti Business in Wandegeya Market to help her earn a living and keep her grand daughter in school.

She wakes up every early morning to make her Chapatti, Rolex, Samosa and sells it off to the business center. She is commonly known as “Kawomera.”

Through her, single mothers around her draw all the courage to fend for their children by setting up small scale businesses to earn an income to support their children.